brain scratch (dethbunny) wrote,
brain scratch

[name changed to protect the guilty] (11:09:16 PM): u know what?
Smitty l99 (11:09:20 PM): nope.
[name changed] (11:09:54 PM): i'm getting to the point where i think i've got a serious problem~i think i'm starting to obsess about new kids on the block
Smitty l99 (11:10:03 PM): hehe that *is* a problem.
[name changed] (11:11:00 PM): it's all yall's fault
[name changed] (11:11:01 PM): hehe
Smitty l99 (11:11:08 PM): No, you can't blame me.
[name changed] (11:11:11 PM): if only u'd never pointed out my *fave* tape
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