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Heeh...Kristy and I sang Jewel's "I'm Sensitive" at CSC and had a lot of fun doing it...she even let me singon my own (well she stopped singing there) the part where it says "You always tell me that it's impossible/To be respected, and be a girl". I had to do my best to hold in laughter, and Kristy didn't even manage to do that.

Aahhh, the joys of stage fright. Man I was nervous. I started to get over it by the third song I "performed" tonight, but still...damn. I think my biggest complaint is nervousness does all sorts of weird (bad) things to vocal range. It was impossible to reach a lot of higher notes...thank goodness the only song I did with higher notes was one with 6 other people singing too...

All sorts of people were butchering songs left and right so it was fun. Ahh, livin' the life...

BTW, this song here is pretty nifty. I recommend it. It's on the "99X Live #6 - Walk Unafraid" album.
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