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hellz YEAH!

Besides being the Lord and Master of Bubbles, (just call me "Bubbles" for short) I am now the undisputed King of '96 Taurus Power Windows. Yes, you heard me right. They tried to question my authority, but a good whackin' from my FIST OF DOOM showed them I hold the real power. Oh yes.

(More-sane version: If you have a '96 or later Tuarus, and one of the power windows gets stuck, you're simply one of thousands affected by the same stupid problem. The motors get stuck a lot. To get the motor un-stuck, hold the switch and give the door a good *WHACK* with your fist or a rubber mallet at the lower-middle portion. Doing so will most likely solve your problem. It did for me; the driver's window on the car now works beautifully.)

Damn good thing Google Groups is around to save me (actually my dad in this case) lots of money. I am kinda diasspointed I didn't get to do this though ;)

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