brain scratch (dethbunny) wrote,
brain scratch

Today, I got about two hours of sleep, then got up (VERY groggily) and tagged along with N-to-the-Athan and his sister and his mommy for a trip to the QCA. We looked around at many music stores and his mom paid for all my food and well...yeah. It's nice, but I still sometimes feel awkward because it's like every time I go with i'm mooching or something. Oh well.

After the city fun, we returned to the Wainwright household where much stuff was laying about to be burned! We made a huge bonfire...killing numerous ants in the process of burning any and all flammable cgarbage we could find. When you clean out two garages and a barn, you find a *lot* of flammable stuff, like couches and cardboard and siding and old nas-T sheets.

Tomorrow, we go back out there to play with fire and explosives and air guns.

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