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No, last night, or early this morning, one of the residents at the homes I work at died.

She came down with pneumonia a couple weeks ago, and rode the roller-coaster of failing respiration ever since, 'till her lungs imploded around 24 hours ago. She lived out the last few days of her existence in the hospital.

Really, I wish you all could have met her. She was the cutest old woman ever. Everything she did, she did in a frail-little-old-woman manner. She was very soft-spoken and polite, but still fun to talk with and work with. She was helpful. Her smile made the day seem better just by the amazing cuteness she put into it.

She didn't live at the house I usually work at, so I can't say i knew her as well as some people, but I'll still miss her.

If I get one ray of sunlight to hold in my hand
Maybe we can be happy again
I'll try for one ray of sunlight to hold in my hand
And I guess if this isn't the end
Maybe we can be happy again

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