brain scratch (dethbunny) wrote,
brain scratch

I hate myself for doing this

so please forgive me.

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noodle! dethbunny
User Number: 76660
Date Created:2001-03-16
Number of Posts: 618

dethbunny is a perennial college "student" with a sarcastic bent that approaches 90 degrees. He's a depressive emo boy in kandy kiddie eyeshadow (and orange pants to match.) He most often can be found in front of a computer, sleeping, listening to music, or all three.
Strengths: Resilient, sees humor in all situations, can make a mess of anything in thirty flat.
Weaknesses: Pedant, procrastinator, perfectionist, daydreamer, easily distracted.
Special Skills: Human search engine, TiVo master, psychological therapy specialist, minister fo silly seating positions.
Weapons: Hyper-connected lifestyle, turbo-powered metabolism. Legs that go on for weeks.
Past Life: Formerly the benevolent smitty99, dethbunny wanted to start anew, free of all the burdens the old life held.

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