brain scratch (dethbunny) wrote,
brain scratch

On a lighter note

I had made a post last night, got it almost done, then my computer (more accurately, the multi-user portion of WinXP) decided it no longer wanted to live and I lost it all.

So, to get back ont eh subject, I'm going to make a mix CD of everythign I want played at my funeral. Fun? Fun! I figure, everybody makes mixes for lame things like girlfriends, why not DEATH!?

[Don't take this as some sort of lame suicide note either, it's not. It's an academic exercise.]

The following are in my preliminary list; none of them are final selections nor have I put thought into the order yet.

Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees
Dashboard Confessional - Age Six Racer
Björk - Hyperballad
Death Cab for Cutie - All Is Full of Love
Pedro the Lion - Be Thou My Vision
Nine Inch Nails - The Great Below
Onelinedrawing - Um...
Phantom Planet - One Ray of Sunlight
Hum - Little Dipper
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