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It interested me, screw off.

swiped from chr1sten

Pick ANY 20 LJ users on your friends list. Without revealing their names, say something about (or to) each one of them. Never reveal who is what.

[these are not in an obvious order, so give up on that logic. Just to screw with you, a few are directed at multiple people!]

1) I don't even feel like I know who you are. Posting quizzes all the time lets us all in on a part of you,'s rather impersonal.

2) Who the hell are you anyway?

3) Sometimes I wish for your life, but then I think a bit longer and realize that I am here because I took myself here. Good for you; keep on keepin' on.

4) You're fascinating, and I want to get to know you IRL sometime maybe. Then again, maybe not. I might not like you so much then and what's the use of shattered illusions?

5) I love you and the alter-ego. Keep them both for me.

6) Pictures are fun and all, but what happened to your life?

7) Perhaps you can tell me why the state of Texas suddenly loves me. Is it my down-home flavor? My pop sensibility?

8) I fely like I know you before, but I seems like anymore you

9) WHY ARE YOU INSANE? [Still, I sometimes envy your spastic life. I will leave it all behind someday and be like you. Just wait and see.]

10) I swear the only reason you befriended me is the username. Oh well. It works okay anyhow ;)

11) People in real life are fun, just like those people online. Maybe Probably even BETTER!

12) I miss you. Your absence has been noted, though you'll probably never read this. I hope the best has come from everything that was crashign down around you last time you posted...but I fear the worst.

13) We never really clicked, but your caring and empathy is noticed and appreciated.

14) I find you beautiful and bewitchng...but your immaturity shows through your half-baked ideals and melodramatic [home] life leave a sour taste in my mouth.

15) I lost you for too long before don't slip away again. I don't want to be some opressive big brother, but I want to protect you all the same.

16) Don't let false hope and false love lead you astray. Rely on those who have been there running with you all the way.

17) You seem to have enough holes, could I use you to strain spaghetti?

18) Being totally obsessed with anything (in your example, sex) is not healthy. Branch out.

19) Why did you have to fall? I thought you were one I could count on. [Nothing's sure in this world.]

20) Find yourself in something that doesn't require losing yourself.

- - - - -

Why all the melodrama? OH GOD IT'S TRUE!

LJ is just a tool of TEENAGE ANGST!

[Bitches snuck up on me and changed the rules.]
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