brain scratch (dethbunny) wrote,
brain scratch


I'm a horrible person.

I was driving on hwy 9 toward Bushnell, going about the speed limit (due to recent events involving tickets.) A little car full of teenagers behind me decided that just wasn't fast enough, but they had the good business sense to wait until an SUV was 1/4 mile ahead before passing. Being a tiny car, they didn't accelerate so well. The car finally pulled back into the right lane not fifty feet from the SUV, narrowly missing disaster, but I found myself wishing they hadn't made it. I wanted to see the crash. I wanted to see glass and steel thrown into the air. I wanted to smile at the inevitability of myself hitting the twisted wreckage of one or both vehicles. I wanted to witness destruction then become one with it myself a fraction of a second later.

And really, is that so bad?

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