brain scratch (dethbunny) wrote,
brain scratch

Things I have learned (rat-related)

1. Hairless rats pick up the color if newsprint (a dull gray) if allowed to use it as bedding. Not necissarily bad, but now you know why if your pink rat turns a sickly color after giving it some newspaper to play with.

2. Hooded sweatshirts/fleecy things are good vehicles for rat transport when you go outside to feed your brain cells nicotine. You can place the rat inside and they'll come up and hang out in the hood for a while, enjoying the cool night air. Then the rat will sniff your ears and scrath at your neck, but it's pleasant because you know the rat is getting some outside time more exposure to your scent to gain trust.

- - - - -

I have Debbie coming when I call her name if she's within a foot or so, but food bribery is still the motivation. Reuben remains a bit more reserved, preferring the shadows to close company. We'll see how fast he comes around.

- - - - -

I could type the above paragraph without looking, but it took me a few tries. A few letters still gave me trouble. Not too bad for having no conscious recollection of the home row.

Yay for typing! (old habits die hard.)

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