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New members of the family

This is Roxy. She is cute.

The Pink-Eyed-White is Mel, Roxy's sister. She is cute too.

Roxy again!
Because Roxy the Blue Hooded is so rediculously cute, I give you another picture.

- - - -

The rats are sisters, obtained after a person on Evan's floor had an unexpected litter. They're five weeks old today, and just about the size of an adult mouse (maybe a slight bit bigger) at the moment.

Mel likes to hang out, and loves to be petted on the back and sides of her head - she'll start bruxing seconds after I pick her up.

Roxy is a fair bit more adventurous. She's not as much for being held, but loves to explore. She's a great climber, too. Able to climb up my arm even when held it's vertical, she'll readily scale the three feet of cage to greet me whenever I'm nearby.

It's hard to take pictures of rats that just want to run around and explore.

(If you remember the mentions of Debbie and Reuben, you may be wondering about them. Well, custody of them was given up to Sarah after the bitter divorce break-up. Because I'm a nice guy. But I needed to adopt new kids!)

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