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Do I have permission to plaster the back of the car with stickers?

"There you go ... contributing to entropy again."
"Caution: I drive like you do."
"If you don't like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk."
"My everyday reality makes a Stephen King novel read like a family vacation to Disneyland."
"My other ride... Is your MOM."
"I was driving so fast, I turned on the headlights and blinded myself in the rearview mirror."
"If the secrets of "magic" were readily known, we'd have to call it "just doin' stuff"."
"Hey, nice new sports car. Sorry about your penis."
"If you think you can take advantage of me just because I'm a slut, think again!"
"Strip mining prevents forest fires."
"Nuke the gay whales for Jesus!"
"I Brake for Tailgaters."

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