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I love my rats. Because they love me. Or, rather they don't hate me.

- - - - -

I came back from work tonight, and went to say hi to the kids - only to see that the glass lid to their cage was off at an angle, letting the rats out. I immediately closed the door to my room, and tried to think about where I would go if I were a rat. Meanwhile, I was absent-mindedly calling out their names. "Roxy! Mel!" Not ten seconds later I saw Mel's little white face poking out from underneath a sleeping bag. I put her back in the cage with some food, and resumed calling Roxy. In a few more moments I saw her darker form appear from underneath the other end of said sleeping bag.

I gave them both treats right away for coming to see me when I got home. ;)

Ah, much better than the horror stories I've heard from some, when they've had to turn a room upside down for hours to find a missing friend.
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