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No, seriously, there's a rat exploring my hoodie. WHY WON'T YOU BELIEVE ME!?

Think of John Mayer's "Your Body Is a Wonderland," but Mel's the one with the guitar and I'm the one with a bubblegum tongue. And there's no sexual aspect to this. None whatsoever.

- - -

Anyone trying to figure out the ideal Christmas gift for The Smitty need look no further than here. If you're not familiar with the PDR, it's the biggest most bestest book of drug info ever made. You know how some nerds get off on reading a dictionary? Well, this is my equivalent. It's rather cool knowing the side-effects, dosages, and interactions to dozens of drugs and having the resources to find out those things you don't exactly have memorized. Okay, maybe not "cool" per se but very very nifty from my point of view.

- - -

I've been listening to entirely too much of Muse's Origin of Symmetry. You've probably heard some of their newer album, Absolution, on the radio, but I like OoS better. Not that the album itself is better, but I still like it more. Suck it. Note the stand-out tracks "New Born" and "Screenager."

- - -

OOOHHH1!!!11!! I want to hear The Downward Spiral in surround sound. Damn you MP3 and your lack of multi-channel encoding...

- - -

Okay, it's commonly acknowledged that I should be on some sort of antidepressant, but I've never so much as seen a person qualified to prescribe such things for me.

Seriously, lack of motivation will kill me. What a terrible death to die...

- - -

Hey, is there anyone out there wanting to get married? I hear that sort of thing is good when it comes to one's financial aid for school. *Note: This offer is only valid for persons of the female persuasion, as Illinois isn't a gay-marriage state. That, and I don't swing that way.

Sorry boys, this ass is reserved for a fine lady.

- - -

Yes, I am totally and completely a whore for The Man. Oh well, at least he doesn't make me walk home afterwards. I get a ride in his extra-classy Ford Festiva.

- - -

I know, I take forever between updates around here. At least when I do make them, they're usually like this and jam-packed with hilarious and enlightening quality. What's even more sad is I don't recall ever getting an "it's 'bout time you updated your journal!" message, yet I feel the need to append this disclaimer.
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