brain scratch (dethbunny) wrote,
brain scratch

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I strongly dislike the alien form growing in my throat

So, anyhow, now that Evan is spending a few weeks sleeping on my couch, I get to figure out all sorts of things like the huge amount of time he spends talking in his sleep. It would be one thing if he was capable of sustaining intelligent conversation while he's asleep, but it's entirely incoherent ramblings about things either being there or not being there, and whether or not it's a complete meal. I can have a better conversation with the cat.

Speaking of which, she's becoming a woman. Oh, I'm just such a proud father. She's jstu gone into heat for the first time - and the freaky things cats do under the effect of hormones rival the weird things human women do when they're being estrogenically impaired. It's really so sad that almost the entirety of our house is sexually frustrated.

Oh, and the sky is falling.
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