May 1st, 2001

torn sky

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I went for a walk to-nite and walked all the way around campus (with a few friends.)

I wore my sandals and part of the left one rubbed up against the inside of my ankle and rubbed it raw. Oh well, I'll get used to it in a week or two...then the real summer fun can begin.

On the (with a few friends) note, the two people I was with were Kara and Ann. For those who don't know them, (probably most of you except Zack) Ann is my RA and Kara is a "friend of the floor," if you will. Both of them have just broken up with their boyfriends, and both of those relationships had been long-term. (2+ years for both of them) It's kinda weird...seeing them like that and such. I'll talk about this more probably, later...