May 22nd, 2001

f12k, upset


fuck fuck fuck. I just had a huge entry and my browser crashed when I went to show a co-worker another page. I should have clicked "submit" since I was done with the entry anyway...

Oh well I'll try to re-create it next.
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old codger

Why I am not all there. or here.

Okay. Fuck-in-a. I've been at work now for...19 hours plus. I suppose I should explain.

When I started work here we had 2 servers. Now, a year and a half later, we have over 20. As we purchased all these machines, they just got added to the same small room. Soon enough, the place practically overflowed.

Basically, we needed more room. We were blessed by the benevolent gods of floor space (if you've never had to work a government/big business job, just trust me on this - it's a pretty accurate statement) and received a nice big room to put our servers in. Over the past few months, we've set up all sorts of racks, terminated network cabling, and in general got the room ready. Last night, we finished the job.

Our little old server room was totally gutted, and almost everything was moved to the new room. Of course, we couldn't do that during normal hours. You see, people use all our servers on a regular basis to get their work done. We needed to take them down when we would interrupt the smallest amount of people. So, midnight until eight this morning was chosen as the time to move.

Mind you, I had already been at work for nine hours before this started. I came in at two, and only went home for an hour to eat.

The work itself was fun, though. It was a nice break from the day-to-day stuff we do.

MMMM yeah I'm kind loopy now. Sorry if I don't make as much sense as I could.

Heck, I've been at work for way too long. And I plan to stay here until I make at least 23 hours.
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torn sky


I'm going home. I need sleep. And I've put in 12.5 hours this calendar day alone. Yeah, I'm an hour and a half short of being here a day straight. Wow.

Sleep for me...
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