June 4th, 2001

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Data Structures, A.K.A. The Wide World of Mista Mosley

Who has seen Red Green? My CS 350 teacher sounds about like him. Not only that, he looks like Red's overweight, geeky brother. I can almost see him dancing along up at the Possum Lodge.

He is also a complete tool. He's going to take all of his PowerPoint class notes and turn them into Real files. Why? So you can hear his oh-so-beautiful voice overlaid with the presentation. It will also change his presentations from ~500K files into ~25MB blocky, blurry, unreadable gobs of video.

Why has he made this decision? Well, he knows nothing of real-world computer use. Everything is theory to him, and we live in a perfect world. He just got back from a streaming media conference at the U of I. Being the little blind sheep he is, streaming is now officially the greatest thing since sliced bread. What really pisses me off is I'm on a modem. Why must all teachers suck so much?

Dammit, I really should have passed this course the first time, when I had a teacher who sucked slightly less.

We'll see how my other classes go.
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Class Report #2

My COBOL class is going to kick my ass until I figure out all the mainframe stuff. I understand how to use such systems, but the inner workings are still somewhat mysterious to me. It's not the language that's bad. I can take that. The problem is the environment. Mainframes were never meant to be used by actual people. ;) Next week, though, I'm gonna own that class. Mark my words.
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