tuesday, jun. 12th, 2001

3:22 am

happy birthday tooooo Zack, happppy birrrthday to Zack...

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4:14 am

I was going to say something profound, but then I got sidetracked reading this and now I don't remember what I was gonna say. Oh well, it can wait I suppose.

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5:55 pm - New iMac? Or no?
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Some people made a mock-up of a future iMac, and they came up with this picture. I really don't think something like that would be cheap enough to make for Apple to sell it at such a cheap price, but man, I want one. Oh yes yes I do.

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6:53 pm

After a good fright, this made me laugh. At least I know 'tis not true at all. ;)

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