June 21st, 2001

torn sky

Audiogalaxy can...

bite my shiny metal ass. It's such a whore.

The old versions installed a program called WebHancer, which is software that basically slows your computer down and tracks you around the Internet. Okay, it supposedly does more, but the only "feature" I noticed what it randomly pausing my computer for two seconds.

Anyway, I installed the new version of AudioGalaxy last night. It seemed cool, becuase it asked me if I wanted it to install WebHancer. Knowing what I do, I said "no, go away." Guess what it did anyway! I ran my trusty little program Ad-Aware and it shows WebHancer bits splattered all over my Windows isntall.

It is now cleaned up, but damn that pissed me off.
torn sky


I just got a duplicate post. Even weirder, they weren't quite identical. This one had a "current music" thing even though I never entered anything in the box.

Whatever, in case you didn't figure it out yet, this is the duplicate post. I just edited it back to this.