friday, jun. 22nd, 2001

2:12 am

I came across this motherboard while surfing around, and thought it looked kinda nifty. I want a bright orange motherboard though.

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2:50 am

Modems suck. While waiting for ICQ to download, I'm gonna watch me some more Futurama episodes.

Thank God I had broadband for a while, my old dowloads are saving my sanity.

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4:20 am

ICQ is still giving me fits. I have my old DB files, I have like 3 versions of the ICQ installer...but I can't get it to import my old contact list. I still refuse to enter my contacts by hand though...

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4:46 pm - A solution presened itself...

There's a really nifty ICQ replacement program called Miranda, and I now use it. It imported my contacts (which the real ICQ still refused to do), it's fast, and it doesn't take much memory. My favorite "feature" is the way it was 200K to download, instead of the 5 megs ICW takes. Modems still suck.

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4:46 pm

Oh yeah, and Outpost finally shipped a sound card to me. It won't be long now before we have a web-controlled MP3-playing stereo in apartment 6. w00t!

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