July 10th, 2001

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I've stumbled across the perfect domain name: mydixiewrecked.com. I dunno what to do with it, but Zack and I have had little plans for a domain name for a while now...

Hear me Zack? Does that particular name sound like fun? Hell, I just want an e-mail address there ;)
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old codger

Behold the glory of Staples.com

I'm such a tool. I just got (via UPS) my new CD-RW drive. It's a Philips 8x4x32, so it's the same speed as my old drive. Why did I get it? Well, it was friggin cheap. Cost me $75 with a $40 rebate, for a final price of $35. Hell yeah. What will I do with such hardware? I suppose I'll put it in my computer so I can record two discs at a time. That way when I feel like making a mass dupe run on some Dreamcast game, I can. If somebody asks me to copy a CD for them, and I want a copy too, then I can make both copies at the same time with no wasted effort. Ah, life is good sometimes.

Oh, to get that deal, I used a $25 off $100 coupon. The CD-R cost a bit below $100, so I added a pen to my order, making my order eligible for the discount. Damn that cost Staples. They sent the drive and pen separately, so I got two boxes from UPS today. One held the drive. The other held the pen. My roomie was absolutely shocked to see me open this decent sized box and pull out a single pen. Hell, I was too. He continued to ask me what I ordered if I got a free pen, and I said "this is it!" hehe...

I just checked the receipt they sent me. The CD-R got reduced in price to $70 a few hours after I placed my order. I still had my order, with the $25 off coupon applied...but they reduced the cost of the drive to the new price. My entire order cost $50 ($70 - 25 + tax) and I still have the $40 rebate on the drive. I get my drive and a pen for $10. Life is even better.

If anyone out there wants to get a similar deal, go to staples.com and search for "philips 8x4x32" - they'll most likely be out of stock, but it's well worth a shot. You can get a CD-R drive for $70 - $40 rebate.
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