tuesday, jul. 24th, 2001

2:31 am - Killfrog!

Hey, what we have here is a review of both A.I. and Jurassic Park 3 crammed into a Flash animation just for you!

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3:59 am - Site Up


See I got myself a domain name and it's gonna do really nifty things as soon as I figure out what those really nifty things are. It will definitely be LJ-central for me, at least, but it will take some time for me to blend the two things together.

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4:05 pm - Hey Joey Joe Joe!

There's an imposter!

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5:47 pm - See, you can get *anything* online

I want to buy some cut-rate razor wire and protect me apartment with it or something. Maybe put it around my bed. Yeah let's see those fuckers try to wake me up now! ;)

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5:51 pm - Streaming goodness

I think my new favorite streaming station is Webster's Attic ( - that URL is not for your browser; copy and paste it into your MP3 player.) It's all remixes, all the time. beware it's a 56k stream, so it's too much for anyone on a modem. If you've got the bandwidth at work like I do, use it ;)

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