July 29th, 2001

torn sky

I want a new desk

...and not becuase my current one is bad or anything. My current desk is quite suitable. The thing is, Herman Miller makes nifty desks. With this model, I could have the desk in the corner of my room and have my regular chair and a bean bag chair to sit in and adjust the hight of everything depending on what kind of mood I'm in. being able to recline while catching up on LJ would be sooo cool.
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torn sky

I have something new to try...

As cool as a jet engine is (wow...) I would of have bought big plastic bags, filled them up with the expanding gas, [propane from a tank] sealed the bags, got throughly drunk with my cold beer and then shot the bags with a flare gun and watch mini-mushroom clouds appear in my backyard.
Come on. Being a pyro keeps you sane ;)
BTW, this also works with 2 liter pop bottles (plastic) filled with a bit (1/4 bic lighter) of butane. Just throw those into a camp fire (watching for stray sparks of course, to avoid setting forest fires, and be sure to be about 10 feet away when you throw it).
Come on, whats better - cold beer and explosions shortly thereafter or cold beer and a jet engine that takes weeks to build?

-a Slashdot comment