August 2nd, 2001

the moon

Another birthday came and went...

First off let me thank all of you for your well-wishing. It's kinda cool ;) This year was a bit more interesting than usual...

Before I got out of work last night, Kristy and Chrissy came by and sang Happy Birthday. It was like those times when friends take you to a restaurant and the wait staff sings to you and tries to embarrass you as much as possible, but more personal.

My roomies (especially Nathan) made food and cake and in general occupied my time last night, along with a bit of help by the gals of CSC.

After all the fun we started watching episodes of The Tick Nathan had on tape, and I just about passed out. 'twas sad. I suppose it's a good things becuase it meant I was asleep early and got up early this morning. If I can keep this up all semester, it could do very good things for my academic record ;) I was saying before...this year was a bit unusual for me because I usually let my b-day pass by relatively unnoticed. I haven't had a "party" per se for at least 3 years. It's different.

Once again, to all of you who have wished me a happy birthday, thank you. It has not gone unnoticed.
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