August 8th, 2001

don't believe, press, poison

This is the kind of research...

...that makes life worth living. Or something.

(now, this is where I get myself in trouble...)

So, any female volunteers to be part of my round-the-clock health-support squad? We need bare-chested babes, 24 hours a day!
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torn sky

Okay where have I been?

Well right here! Um...I've been going to sleep at like 11-12 the last week or so...and it's weird. I get up without an alarm clock at like 7:30, which gives me all sorts of time to do things in the morning and be at work while it's still the morning.

I think the one thing that has "suffered" in all this has been my LJ addiction. I haven't kept up on some things, but I went back and read the last few days' entries over the last hour or so.

Oh I was going to write all sorts of things but my inspiration seems to have left me. I suppose I'll write more when I remember what the heck I was thinking...
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    Marilyn Manson - Fundamentally Loathsome