August 13th, 2001

torn sky

French born Raelian cult decides to clone the first human

A Canada-based UFO cult, The Raelian movement originally from France, is going to attempt to clone a dead baby girl against the protest from mainstream scientist and religious groups. Scientists are saying it's an unlikely achievement but not impossible. Other reproductive and cloning scientists have also condemned the plan as unethical.
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torn sky

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Okay, she is at it again.

I would love to bitch to support but the TOS doesn't have a provision for "annoying the shit out of fellow users."

The closest I could find:
You agree to NOT use the Service to:
11. "Stalk" or otherwise harass another person or company;

torn sky

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I was watching a tiny little bit of the Andy Dick show as I flipped channels the other night, and there was an entertaining segment on. It was this DJ who worked in a grocery store, spinnin' for all the aisles...anyway, he called himself a "funk-billed platter-puss" along the way, and I found it to be hilarious ;)

If I ever become a DJ I want people to call me that. I'll have a stage name and all, but that could be my nickname. Or maybe just a descriptive term all the reviewers would use... :P