September 13th, 2001

torn sky

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I'm realizing just how much old church music sucks right now. All this old music is slow and paino-only and PISSES ME OFF.

(Mostly because I'm listening to some musical hits of the early 1900s now, and they all remind me of slow hymns.)

The Wed. night music team wants to do "Agnus Dei" sometime, and it may be a "contemporary" song but it's too slow for my taste.

"Contemporary Christian praise" music pisses me off too. Oh well, at least I can come back to the comfort of my music, stuff that sounds like it's developed some in the past 30 years...
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torn sky

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Oh yeah, a few definite exception to the slow-piano-only rule are Tori Amos and Fiona Apple. Then again, they aren't piano-only. And not necessarily slow. AND NOT BORING. So there.
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torn sky

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This is from a mailing list I'm on...
"In the city of god there will be a great thunder, two
brothers (Twin towers) torn apart by chaos, while the
fortress endures, the great leader will succumb,the
third big war will begin when the big city is
- Nostradamus

Yes! Thank you Jo for bringing that in... Just what we needed to cheer us up!

Actually it's amazing the numbers of things people have attributed to him, faking his works when translating it, inventing other stuff. I mean, who goes and check anyway? (I know, that's my academic side showing), so I would not worry if I were you on that one (I don't believe in omens either).

I've done a quick check of his Centuries (his main work, the one that is misquoted more often than not. Well, to be nice, it's in old French, so people who speak French just think they understand it right away, but heck, no, you don't. And to top it off, it's obscure. No wonder people see in it what they want (ex: Centurie 5, 8: "Sera laissé feu vif, mort caché,/
Dedans les globes horrible espouuantable./
De nuict à classe cité en poudre lasché,
/ La cité à feu, l'ennemy fauorable.").

So anyway, there are 6 instances of the word "Dieu" (God), none of themcorrespond (even vaguely) to that quote, 12 instances of fréres (brothers), three forteresse (fortress), 0 chaos. None of them correspond to that quote at all. I then stopped looking for other key words, thinking that even if the translation was loose, one of these was bound to be found in the original.

Therefore what I can say with some degree of certainty is that this quote does not come from his main work (the others were almanacs (weather predictions with advice on farming); a treatise on jams (supposedly medicinal); and a translation of Paracelse), and that therefore it is probably "apocryphal".

I think it gets the point across ;)