September 15th, 2001

torn sky

Two beers and a long island

...are what I had tonight. I do so enjoy the buzz of a little's the only reason I drink.

Anyhow, I swear I knew half of the people at the bar tonight. People from the campus house, (okay, one from the CSC and one that goes to stuff) my former RA and her SO, more people from my old floor, people from work, theatre fun. It was cold, but I walked around a bit and the alcohol helped keep me warm too ;)

It was nice to just be out and hang out for a while. This week has somewhat sucked from a me-perspective (and for many others too) so tonight was just what I needed. Now I'm doing a tiny bit of net-using before I need to go to sleep. Work is at noon for me, as a server needs to be upgraded. That'll be fun, I'm sure. Gah.
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This is somewhat raw, but it's still what I wrote for a class ;) It's a bit of a rand I wrote for English earlier today, and I think it's fit to post here. Tell me what you think.

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Many people have called the recent terrorist attack on the world trade center an act of cowardice, but is it really? I’m inclined to think it is the new way of war for the future. Terrorism is the easiest way to get the most done with the least loss of life (on the part of the attacker.)
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torn sky

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Went to work for like 7 1/2 hours today...ugh. At least I got the stuff done that I had wanted to.

And, thenks to one of the guys at work who was upgrading, I got myself a GeForce DDR for my 'puter now. 1337!
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