October 7th, 2001

blood smear

More notes for YOU!

A few more details have come to mind since last night.

First, the intentions of the two band members were quite apparent if you pay attention. Two of them went back with the two Girls. They paired off the same way as last time. The thing is, Girl A got smarter, while Girl B didn't learn a thing.

Second, this is all the weather's fault. If it hadn't rained on Friday, a large group of us would have been camping all this weekend.

You could say that would have prevented nothing. And it's true, this would not have gotten to the root of the problem. But it would have given me one less incident and one hell of a lot less stress this weekend.
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torn sky

Sweet Sweet Resolution...

I just got off the phone after a long talk with Girl B. Her trip to Missouri was somewhat unrelated to the escapades of the night before. She had been pissed off at everything and running away. (Running away sucks.) Talking is good. Things are much better now, and Girl B knows that her friends care. Hopefully there will not be a repeat of any of this anytime soon...