monday, oct. 8th, 2001

3:30 am

I jus tspent two hours updating my friends view and my day view to be nifty. The day view got updated to look like my friends and lastn views, while the friends view got fixed up a bit more. There are still a few bugs, and it does very bad things with some color schemes so I'll still work on it more.

Other than that, I just need to modify my calendar view to look like the others and I'll have a full suite of styles. Then I'll try to get them added to the LJ standard-style list.

Then I'll be rich and famous and people will flock to me! MWA HA HA my plan is almost complete!

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4:10 am

Has anyone noticed how I update in spurts? I'll go a few days without saying anything, then I'll post like mad for a day or two. Fun. I suppose it's mostly because my online time is sporadic nowadays, except when I'm at work.

Anyhow, time for sleep. Tomorrow will suck...

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