friday, oct. 26th, 2001

2:02 am

Kristy had silver nails, but I was not to be out-done. So, now my fingernails alternate between silver (chrome, supposedly) and black. Wooo!

Unfortunately, I did a shitty job on my right hand. If you want any photo ops, I suppose they'll have to be of my left.

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4:19 am - Geek Post:

I love the background pattern the Bleem! folks use for their web site.

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4:23 am

Kristy just didn't see the logic behind getting both skim milk and egg nog (AKA circulatory death-in-a-bottle) on the same shopping trip.


Oh yeah...our apartment now has a vellux blanket! Woo! Two roommates like it too cold. The sane (okay, who am I kidding?) ones (Steve and I) prefer it a bit warmer. Blankets are a necessity.

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4:24 am

Just so you know, I am going to adopt a highway tomorrow! woo! (okay, I've done it a bunch of times. Yeah, me and that highway, we go way back...)

Yay for um...whatever. Then I'm goign to watch MOVIEEEES with tha eastsidaz...

They live on the same side fo the tracks of me, but I still say they live on the wrong side. Blasted east-west train routes...


shuttign down.

no more cant think..

going to passss out

seee you later.


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2:44 pm

Adam (at work) has a perfect plan for how to take control fo the world peanut supply - give retarded (mentally slow? whatever PC term ti is...) people crack! It's foolproof!

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