wednesday, oct. 31st, 2001

1:55 am

Alcohol is truly nifty. I really appreciate the way in which it slows & dulls the senses...

...and then wears off.

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3:01 am

I just said a bit of something I really should apply more in my life...

- - - - -

Smitty l99: i mean...i find myself disagreeing with many close friends on many such things...but part of not caring about what others think is NOT CARIGN WHAT OTHERS THINK
Smitty l99: remember that at all times
Smitty l99: because if it's gonna be a fucking manifesto, then you better mean it.

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3:11 am - Well dang.

I just found a Futurama episode in my "collection" that I somehow missed the last two or three times I've gone though all of them. At least I'll be entertained with fresh cartoons for the next twenty minutes ;)

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3:44 am

For those people that care abotu such things, K-Meleon (which is a pretty darn nifty web browser for Windows, based on Mozilla) has been updated.

Also, I like peoples' sigs online. Proud to live in a country known world-wide as "The Great Satan."

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10:28 pm - Futurama Rocks!

And so we say goodbye to our beloved pet Nibbler, who's gone to a place where I, too, hope one day to go. The toilet.

-The Professor

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