tuesday, dec. 4th, 2001

3:25 am

If I was a work of art, I would be Edvard Münch's The Scream.

I express the subconscious troubles and anxieties of the world. I hold my head and let loose the primal terror of my innermost fears, surrounded by a lurid landscape which reflects my feeble grasp on reality.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

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4:01 am - Jimmy Eat World/Tenacious D/Weezer

Jimmy Eat World
Bad-ass. Everything I expected and more. I wish they played longer, and the crowd wasn't into them as much as the later bands, but what do you expect for an opener? I will see them again, given the chance.

Tenacious D
Unless they get new material, and soon, I think I've had my fill. Listenign to the album, I got all the good stuff. Seeing them perform, I was impressed by K.T.'s (uh...I think...the one that's not J.B.) guitar ability at times. Otherwise, it's just crass humor most of the time. It takes more than dirty jokes to keep me seriously entertained. The high point of their performance was "Wonderboy."

Good. I'm in an interesting position here...I will admit to never actiually hearing all of Pinkerton. I've heard the green album a few times through, and it's just not my cup of tea. So, that leaves the original (and the best!) Weezer album-full of grade-A Smitty-approved material. I was alternately entertained and bored, in all honesty. The green album songs kept me listening, but what made the show for me was such great songs as "Surf Wax America." A satisfying performance, even if they didn't play "No One Else" or "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here."

Tonight was good. Except no meeting Rivers. But that's enough about that for now.

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4:18 am

I also decided something tonight. Well, I didn't jsut decide...I just really realized that if I were to be in a band, it would be kinda like Jimmy. The one addition would be some more modern intstrumentation in the synth/turntables area. Jimmy with a more interesting rhythm section == UNSTOPPABLE! =P

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9:11 pm

My life is one big attention-getting device. My conversations constantly drift toward whatever will get the biggest rise out of those around me.

So, what's new with you?

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11:23 pm

Soem one give me a SHT.

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