thursday, dec. 20th, 2001

2:04 am

I'm such a fuckin' club kiddie wannabe.

Off I go to look at brightly-colored, synthetic-material clothing.

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5:12 am

Okay, someone needs to get me some vanilla-flavored vodka. Who's up for it? =P

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1:42 pm - Happy dance! Happy dance!

Now this is the kind of mail I like to receive. Great news.
- - - - -
Chris, you are correct you have earned a "B" for the course. For some reason I had missed your score for your 4th exam and you apparently didn't notice that your 4th exam score was missing on the printout outside the classroom. At any rate I went back in my records and found it. I am processing a change of grade form to change your grade from a "C" to a "B". Have a nice break. Dr. Fulkerson
- - - - - - - - - -
Next message, 17 minutes later:
- - - - -
Chris, I have even better news for you. It was your 5th exam, not your 4th that I had misplaced. You got a 69 on your 5th exam giving you a total of 317 points for the semester. Since I had previously lowered the cutoff for an "A" from 319 to 317 points you earned an "A" for the course. Regards, Dr. Fulkerson
- - - - - - - - - -
That brings my GPA for the semester *way* up. It's amazing what one class can do ;)

Happy news! Happy news! Now I do my happy news dance!

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