January 3rd, 2002

torn sky

Eventful day(s) at work

Yesterday was the first back from winter break. All our main systems were down at work, except for the modem dial-in pool. I mean everything. BIND 9 died, and took DHCP with it. Since all our hosts coud no longer resolve ldap.cait.org, logins died across the board (excepting the modem pool i already mentioned, which has its own auth system.) That made the first half of the day interesting to begin with. Even more fun, one of our core servers has a still-undiagnosed problem. It won't boot into multi, so we're limping along on a single-booted system with important daemons started manually. Hopefully we can figure out what went wrong...but that could still take a while.

Today has been just as stressed, since our LDAP master is having sneezing fits. It has gone down five times in the last hour. Once it goes, so do normal logins for everything. No e-mail, no file sharing.

Topping it all off, our main file share server is glitchy. Sometimes directories and files just don't appear. Other times a user can't save over a file they *should* have permissions to.

At least classes aren't in session. We've still got a week to fix this stuff ;) Well, at least the less-important stuff...