January 28th, 2002

torn sky

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Joe Jackson's cool. coooooool. Yes.

If you do not have any idea of whom I am speaking...listen to his 80's popular song "Steppin' Out." You might remember it or mayb eit'll seem vaguly familiar.

Then go after some songs like his live medley performance "Fools In Love / For Your Love."

Or even "Home Town" or "It's Different for Girls." yeah, he is very nifty...

So, this is an Official Letter of Smitty Recommendation. If you know what I like, and maybe like the same stuff, then you might mike mister Jackson. He's nothing like his non-relative Michael, if that's any consolation...

Back to my home town...though I know it'll never be the same...back to my home town...cause it's been so long...and i'm wondering if it's still there...
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    Joe Jackson - Home Town (Live)
torn sky

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On a related note, everybody find the song "King Of The World" that Joe Jackson performed live over summer 2000...recorded on the "Summer In the City" CD...it hase an awesome bass solo...if you happen to live near me, I have that CD so's I can play it for you sometime...