thursday, jan. 31st, 2002

2:31 am

just another heroin hero
on a friday night
bustin' up the juke joint an'
keepin' it tight.

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12:28 pm - I'm too sneaky...

I've decided that if I ever happen to stumble upon a genie, (in or out of a bottle) I will not use all my wishes. We've all heard about those jokes where a person gets just exactly what they want for the first two wishes, but then get screwed on the last one. Like the guy who gets turned into a box of chocolates. Sure, he's rich and has a Ferrarri, but he's unable to use those things in the end.

So, I'll just take my two good wishes and stop there. Now I just need to come up with two really good wishes, since they're gonna have to do the work of three...

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