February 12th, 2002

torn sky

Summary of the last seven hours:

  • Evening fun started at 10:30.
  • Went to the bar. Stood outside in the cold for way too long.
  • Got a crappy mixed drink...no flavor at all.
  • Got flashed. Repeatedly. Sometimes without bras. (Hey Mandee, I'm being up-front about it!)
  • Left the bar at 1:00
  • Got home and saw roomies intent on mischief.
  • Started preparing for delinquincy. Insulated dark clothing, all that.
  • Retreived supplies (like paint) from Wal-Mart.
  • Came back home with supplies. Stalked out into the night.
  • Painted Rocky. Go look! That's Em's, Julie's, and my handiwork!
  • Walked around with fishing line. Stretched line between sign post and tree to snap when a car drove by.
  • Used paintballs and slingshot to vandalize various things like trees.
  • Rolled down hills.
  • Watched Em lay on her back, spit into the air, and try to catch it back in her mouth. Entertaining! =)
  • Watched the rest of our party injure themselves on hill.
  • walked to opposite side of campus to "victory tower."
  • Climbed tower (which is about 30 feet tall) from the outside while the rest of the party used the steps. Sissies.
  • Jumped off "bridge" near Higgins.
  • Started home...then John and Clayton decided to run ahead and ambus us. So, Em and I took the long way home - through a field. They gave up on us by the time we finally got back to the house, but we felt good because of our military leet-ness

As you can see, I have had a rather full evening.
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