friday, feb. 15th, 2002

1:18 am

You know how most things you get at stores now are sealed? And how plastic squeeze-bottle things have the little foil-covered-paper caps? Well, don't lick them. No matter how appealing the queezable grape jelly remnants on the seal thingy may look...resist! They will KILL YOU! Or INJURE your TONGUE to the point of DISFIGUREMENT!

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2:36 pm

"Almost no other plant has such a history of crime. In the Middle Ages, especially in Italy, professional poisoners woulc concoct a brew of Datura that would be almost painlessly fatal. That Quality of deadening the senses before death, or during the perpetration of a crime, made it of the greatest value to criminals.

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4:43 pm

I'm gonna be gone this weekend. Sorry. =P

So, if you need to get in touch...sorry. I'm gonna be outside my cell phone home area too. I think (hope) you can wait.

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