saturday, mar. 2nd, 2002

12:12 am - Speaking of snow...

Conspicuously missing were my roomies Clayton and He Who Used To Be Named Bob.

Where are they! I miss thems! Bring on the roomies!

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6:10 pm - Clusters! Clusters!

Poll #21444 What's your cluster?

Go here. What cluster are you on?

0 - No clustering for me yet!
1 - I feel special.
2 - I'm not as special as 1, but I'm still cooler than 0!

UPDATE: The page has been changed. If you are on the Chef cluster, you're on cluster 2. If you're on the Cartman cluster, you're on cluster 1.

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8:05 pm - Choice of Partner, Sex Act Key in HIV Risk

Stating the obvious, a study reports that wild sex with HIV-infected partners increases your risk. Wow.

"...the risk of HIV is highest when a person receives anal sex from an HIV-positive partner without using a condom..."

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