wednesday, mar. 13th, 2002

12:08 am

Hehe...South Park. Yes.

I'm going to go for a walk. I need a walk.

It appears that my laundry-doing will interefere with my walk. TOO BAD!

I shall walk anyhow. It's too nice a night out to otherwise. Not to mention, I'm too restless. Must go walk. Must walk. Need to get the hell out of here. Going insane.


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11:20 am - Last night...

  1. I succumbed to Neal's will somehow. Ouch. I'll just say it was my own free will and my journal muse beat me over the head about the same time Neal demanded entries. Yeah.

  2. I went for a walk last night, stayed out for an hour and a half. I walked a bit past the square and then back home. It was niiiiice.

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5:52 pm

I want a Japanese secret box. They're spiff!

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6:10 pm - Yeah. Suckaz.

Some of you doubt my driving sk1llz. Well. An on-line quiz has verified my ability to drive, and drive well! So there!

Find out what kind of driver you are!

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