friday, mar. 15th, 2002

1:08 am - Mmmm....

Ice cream and "magic shell." Good shtuff, yo.

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1:12 am

Bicycles are way cheaper than I remember them being. I jsut got one at Wal-Mart tonight for $90, and it's pretty damn sweet from what I can tell.

The main reason I need a bike: I have no car. I can get most of the important places in town on foot, (indeed, I can get anywhere as I found last night =) but a bike will make the other side of town much more accessible. Not to mention it's been forever since I've ridden my old bike, and I wanted to get back in the habit.

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1:28 am

Upon further...invetigation...I have determined my ice cream is very very quite good. And I haven't even gotten to the Marshmallow-flavored topping yet. =)

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