March 16th, 2002

torn sky

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I have determined that the Transnational Food Store by the square is cool. It's not as cool as it could be, I suppose, but it's pretty decent for a little store. Especially in hick central.

I have Pocky and various ginger-flavored foods, and I got some rice noodles. Mmmm! They had some fresh veggies, but it was all basically the stuff you can't get in other supermarkets. I'll need to go to Eagle or Hy-Vee and get some other basic fresh veggies, then I'll just make...something. Put whatever I feel like together and see what comes out ;)
torn sky


I love the "Good Idea/Bad Idea" stuff.

Good idea: Feeding stray kittens in the park.
Bad Idea: Feeding stray kittens in the park to wild bears.