May 25th, 2002

torn sky

The coolest (old) Macs ever made

Conveniently linked so you can buy them for me!
  • The Mac TV - It was probably the first computer with a TV tuner. And a cool-ass remote. I would get it just to use as a TV in my bedroom.
  • Quadra 950 - This machine was the power box before PPC Macs came along. it had room for 5 NuBus cards, slots for 16 30-pin SIMMs, and other such ungodly expandability.

Now, that's a short list. There are many other cool machines...but most of the really cool ones are G3s or newer, so I'd feel dirty including them on the list of cool old hardware. Yeah, maybe I'll make a list of my favorite Macs ever sometime. You can bet the above two would be on the list, though.