May 28th, 2002

the moon

Most contentful entry in years!

I think I'll tell you abour my latest accomplishment: waking up before 5:30 to see the dawn! You see, Nathan and I felt like getting up to see the sun rise for once, instead of staying up late enough to see it. Well, we felt like it last night. Not so much this morning, but we did it anyway. Anyhow, this is impressive enough if you know me, especially if you know I didn't go to sleep until 8:00 AM just two days ago on Saturday. Yeah, I know you're impressed, but please hold your applause until the end of our presentation.</p>

Back on track, we both got up at 5:30 and wandered around, talking about a great many things, while revelling in the earth waking around us. Our feet ended up taking us to the coaches' tower in the practice fields. We sat in the chairs and talked until the sun reached full-retina-searing position. (I resisted telling him about what the chairs had been through a few months ago. Rain has washed them off, and it's probably best that Nathan doesn't know. =) ) Anyhow, early mornings are fun. It's quite the experience.

After our walk, we got cleaned up and started breakfast. Last night we had grandiose plans to feed most of the CSC house...but nobody woke up. Their loss. Nathan, Praveen, and I still had a damn fine breakfast.

By now I'm sure you're thinking "that's too much fun for one day!" Well, I assure you it is not. You see, Nathan's mom offered free meat and a grill to anyone who showed up at her door. Thusly, we packed a car and set out to find some beef. We came, we ate, we conquered. I would write more about that, but it wasn't all that eventful. Rest assured the meat was good, though. Oh something that's poking me in the back of the brain: we watched "Meggido: The Omega Code II" while at teh Wainwright house. The movie irritated me. It seems most of the movies that try to fictionalize Revalation just turn into compressed balls of heresey. Those movies have to do more harm than good. Okay, rant's over, it's safe to come out now.

We then continued on into Galesburg to find fabulous deals. There were none. It was sad; I cried.

After that...the day becomes more and more a blur. We got home and I...seem to remember watching movies with Drew and Clayton. Then Barry got back and we talked about toomie things for a long while...but nothing important came of it.

That brings us to here, two pages later. Both the Creative Writing and Chocolate Creme

centers of my brain are rather exhausted. The other parts aren't holding up too well either, what with almost twenty-four hours awake and all. With that in mind, I bit you a fond farewell.</p> Uh...farewell! See you later!

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