tuesday, jun. 4th, 2002

3:35 am - Support Something Awful!

Go and see Phreaky Photoshop Phriday, laugh a lot!

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5:35 am

I think I have inherited the MacGyver gene.

Not literally of course, because he's not my daddy. Nor can I blow up a buick with a ball of twine, three paper clips, some Mr. Clean, and a pair of nylon running shorts.

No, what I mean is I tend to solve hard problems the interesting way. If I run into something that can either be solved by some stock method that's well-tested or a new interesting way that may not work but would be darn cool if it did work...I pick the latter.

Sometimes it's my downfall, because that new different method doesn't work. When it does, though...boy it's fun.

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5:38 am

I read a book (okay, only half of it. The last half, even.) tonight and it really had a huge influence on me...it's all about dating and being single as a Christian and it made one heck of a lot of sense...I think there was a lot in there I can apply to my life. Good stuff, worth staying up this late for.

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6:04 am

I have been trying to perform my normal online duty for the last twenty minutes without the benefit of glasses. It hurts.

Time for sleep so my retinas don't detach in protest or something.

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