June 29th, 2002

torn sky

Religion. Fun.

Silver Chocobo 11:51 PM: I also find the similarities between the whole lucifer/prometheus thing interesting.
Smitty 11:52 PM: I rather firmly believe that, as much as others will deny it, all (theistic) religions are rooted with the same god. some just got a bit lost on the way.
Smitty 11:52 PM: i'm not excluding judaism from that in any way...i think that there is a bit of legend in there.
Smitty 11:52 PM: maybe less than others, but there is some.
Silver Chocobo 11:53 PM: Prometheus, against the orders of the king of the gods brings knowledge to humans.

Lucifer, against the orders of god brings knowledge to humans.
Smitty 11:53 PM: yes.
Smitty 11:53 PM: anyhow, I also think Christianity is *the* reference point.
Smitty 11:54 PM: it is based on intimate contact with a divine being only 2000 years ago...and as far as history is concerned, that's NOTHING.
Silver Chocobo 11:54 PM: Prometheus is a tragic hero, Lucifer is the enemy...
Silver Chocobo 11:54 PM: yeah, unless of course the world is only 6000 years old.
Smitty 11:54 PM: but see, prometheus is from a totally different theistic circle...one that branched off way back.
Smitty 11:55 PM: damn. i have so much to say...and i can't type it that fast.
Smitty 11:55 PM: back to christ..
Smitty 11:55 PM: the time between the events and the writing allow for very little legend to work its way in there.
Smitty 11:55 PM: wheas with judaism it was passed down orally for a *very* long time.
Smitty 11:56 PM: wheas == wheras
Smitty 11:56 PM: I, frankly, think that all the religions splintered off way back when...just like there are many pseudo-christian groups now.
Smitty 11:56 PM: we have christian science, and mormonism, and catholicism, etc.
Smitty 11:57 PM: mormonism is to christianity what greek polytheism is to judaism (IMHO)
Smitty 11:57 PM: etc
Smitty 11:57 PM: so God talks to us, we fuck it up over thousands of years.
Smitty 11:58 PM: God checks in again ~0-33AD
Smitty 11:58 PM: sets us straight.
Smitty 11:58 PM: then we (the ones that listen, at least) resume going off course again.
torn sky


BeOS and, by extention, PhosphurOS) rocks my socks. I am once again in love with it and Windows can just bite me or blow me or whatever degrading thing it least feels like doing.