July 10th, 2002

torn sky

The past two days, in summary

1) I killed me a really big spider in our bathroom the other night. I was tending to some paperwork in the ol' office, when I noticed a large fuzzy thing in the corner by the tup. Now, normally, this would be no cause for alarm as between myself and Andrew, we shed all sorts of long hairs that end up getting into little balls of fluff. But, see, this was a much mroe solid form. I looked at it again, and could see it was a BIG FRIGGIN SPIDER. Ever seen a tarantula? This spider could beat one up. Yeah. That big. I got out my hand-dandy spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and a lighter, then went all flame-thrower on his punk ass. I then proceeded to flush his lifeless form down the toilet, once again returning peace and order to our apartment.

2) the x86 architecture and its fucking crazy partitioning rules and catches are about to drive me insane. I literally had to re-partition liek four times before I had a bootable main partiton, due mostly to the wonders of LBA outdated software. I miss my Mac.

On the plus side, my computer now has an OS on it again. Joy.