July 14th, 2002

torn sky

gah, Kid Rock!

Pursuant to this post, toilet paper bearing "Radiohead" markings has appeared in a music video. Unfortunately, it's the new Detroit sucker-punk video for "You Never Met A Mother Like Me." Oh well.

Maybe I should get some paper that says "Kid Rock" on it...for distribution amongst our little world...

How much does that sort o' thing cost, Chrissy? =)
torn sky

I miss da hotty.

Apparently, Becky's online, has been for eleven hours and eleven minutes, and has been idle for eleven hours and six minutes.

This is disturbing, because she passed on about five months ago. IMs from the abyss, man. Sp00ky.

I sent a message across...but apparently the person who turned on her computer isn't around. Poo.